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In group therapy, you will meet face to face with five to ten people and one to two mental health therapists to facilitate the sharing of your collective problems and concerns.

The strength of group therapy rests in the extraordinary ability to receive diverse viewpoints, support, encouragement, and feedback from other people in an atmosphere that is both secure and confidential. The members of the group may have the opportunity to increase their degree of self-awareness and get insight into how they relate to other people as a result of their interactions with one another. Experimenting with new ideas and ways of being can be done in a secure and encouraging environment when participating in group therapy.

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Group Therapy Services In Baltimore, MD

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Many people find that group therapy services with The BGH Clinic mental health therapists are helpful because it provides them with a forum for the support and feedback of other people. When you are confronted with challenges in life, it is easy for you to downplay the significance of what you are going through. Either you don’t want to talk about things because you’re worried other people won’t understand you or you don’t want to talk about things because you don’t want to put others in the position of having to shoulder the burden of your existence. 

When you participate in group therapy with The BGH Clinic, you will be part of a group with other people who can connect to the experiences you have had and understand you in a way that others in your life possibly won’t be able to. The participants in group therapy have access to a wide range of viewpoints, which can facilitate the development of new points of view and fresh approaches to problem-solving. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another as well as to receive some much needed affirmation that you are not alone in the experiences that you have had. When you get the sense that you are understood and heard, you feel less alone and lonely. 

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Frequently Asked Group Therapy Questions

Members of the group therapy have the opportunity to work with our counselors and others together to find solutions to difficulties and to celebrate one other’s successes and advancements throughout group therapy. Additionally, it is an excellent chance to hone skills, experiment with new habits, and feel a sense of acceptance and belonging in the therapy process process.

Group and individual therapy each have their own unique set of advantages and can assist you in various ways. Research studies have indicated that those who participate in group treatment report the same level of satisfaction, if not a higher level, as those who participate in individual therapy. There are certain challenges that are better suited for group interaction, such as developing communication skills, getting interpersonal feedback, obtaining social support, and understanding relationship patterns. Although neither form is inherently superior to the other, there are certain challenges that are better suited for group interaction. Whether group therapy is a better option for you or not will be determined at your initial assessment.

Participants are frequently urged to express their observations, internal emotions, and experiences of the group by one another, but they must do it in a manner that is both comfortable and supportive. The ground rules for the group are laid out at the very first meeting, and they are conceived of collaboratively with your comfort and wellbeing in mind. Difficult subjects can be handled in groups; if a member of the group does not feel comfortable speaking, they need just let the group know their desire and ask that they be trusted to speak when they are ready. In addition, participating in a group gives an individual the opportunity to observe and reflect, both of which are effective learning tools in their own right, by virtue of the fact that they are exposed to the observations and experiences of other people.

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