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Here’s 5 Ways Treatment That Our Baltimore Based Mental Health Therapist Clinic Can Benefit You

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We help you understand yourself better.

Our mental health therapist clinic will learn more about your history and carefully listen to your issues in order to give you useful advice. Throughout the process, as you reveal more about who you are, what you value, why you behave in a certain way, we can then effectively execute change via the treatment process. You will then be better equipped to manage your mental health once you have a deeper understanding of yourself


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We help you improve in your relationships.

Sometimes we need a fresh set of eyes to assist us to work through our relationship conflicts. Our psychologists can provide you with important skills for improving your relationships. We can educate us how to recognize unproductive tendencies, deal with conflict more effectively, and communicate more clearly. 


We help you develop new coping techniques.

Another advantage of working with our counselors is that it can assist you in better managing your mental health issues by learning new coping strategies. For anxiety, despair, or other disorders, our counselors will teach you new coping techniques.

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We help you make healthy adjustments.

Our mental health therapists also aid in the correction of undesirable tendencies such as negative thinking and self-criticism. We help you apply healthy modifications that will boost your mental health. We assist in making those adjustments and help you to implement more beneficial coping mechanisms.

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We help you achieve new goals.

Finally, treatment with our mental health therapists can assist you in achieving new ambitions. We set SMART objectives that are based on your beliefs with the guidance from us. Your goals will then help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated as you advance through your mental health journeys.

Our Mental Health Therapist Services

Our Individual Therapy services are one-on-one sessions provided in-person or via telehealth. Individual therapy is a unique chance for you to gain support and progress at a difficult moment in your life. Individual therapy may assist you with a variety of personal issues such as anger, depression, anxiety, substance misuse, marital and relationship difficulties, parenting issues, educational difficulties, and job adjustments, among others.

Our Group Therapy services include one or more of our psychologists who lead a group of five to fifteen patients in group therapy. Typically, groups meet once or twice a week for an hour or two. At first, joining a group of strangers may seem scary, but group therapy has advantages that solo treatment does not. According to psychologists, group participants are frequently surprised by how fulfilling the experience may be.

Medication management is an outpatient treatment that involves a physician/prescriber evaluating a patient’s need for psychiatric drugs, prescribing them, and monitoring their use. Medication management involves monitoring, resolving, and assuring patient results. Treatment regimens and safety and efficacy necessitate a careful examination of prescribed medications and their side effects.

Issues Our Mental Health Therapist Clinic Can Help You With

Race Based Trauma

Race-based trauma happens much more subtly and on a systemic level. It can be caused by both small and big offenses. Race-based trauma is how we react to dangerous events and being treated badly because of our race. You can start to feel better in a safe and healing place with the help of our therapists. We can also teach you how to get the tools and skills you need to fight back against the bad effects of race-based trauma.

Relationship and Marriage Issues

Are you having a difficult time with your partner? Couples counseling can help you strengthen your relationship. Our mental health therapists will help you better understand your relationship dynamics and create a better, long-lasting connection.


Counseling for depression can help you understand why you feel like you have no hope or are stuck, so you can better deal with your depression. Psychologists that specialize in depression therapy work at The BGH Clinic. We can assist you in determining the source of your feelings and how to effectively address them.


You're not the only one who worries about how to deal with anxiety. Many people need more help to deal with anxiety better. Our counselors who specialize in anxiety disorders use many different ways to help people deal with their anxiety. No matter what kind of therapy is used, it is based on the idea that anxiety CAN be controlled, if not stopped.


At The BGH Clinic, PTSD recovery is done with the goal of empowering you as a survivor. You must be the creator and judge of your own healing. We can give you advice, help, support, affection, and care, but we can't cure you. By working together, we can help you get over traumatic experiences that have severley effected you.

School or Work Adjustments

Children and adults alike sometimes have trouble adjusting to a new school or workplace because they are not used to it. We use a wide range of support services to help children and adults learn the skills they need to fit in at school or at work.

Child/Adolescent Issues

As mothers, when an issue is affecting our children it severely affects us. There are a lot of problems that affect how kids and teens feel, act, and learn. Therapy is one way to treat these kinds of problems. It's a way for your child to get help. In therapy, kids talk about their problems and learn how to solve them. Therapy helps them deal with things better, talk to each other better, and do better.

Substance Abuse

For many people, counseling is an important part of their treatment for substance use disorder. You can stay clean with help from cognitive behavioral therapy, family counseling, and other types of therapy. Psychotherapy can also be used to treat other mental health problems that are often linked to drug abuse.

Frequently Asked Mental Health Therapist Questions

Everybody needs help every once in a while. You already have some strengths that you’ve used in the past but aren’t working right now for your mental health for whatever reason. Maybe this problem seems too big and is making it hard for you to remember what you were good at in the past. We’ll help you figure out what those strengths are and how to use them again in what’s going on now as we work together.

Someone who can do something is not the same as someone who has the training and experience to do that same thing professionally. A mental health professional can help you look at your situation in a different way. They can teach you new skills, give you new points of view, listen to you without judging you or making you feel bad, and help you listen to yourself. Also, therapy is done in complete privacy. You won’t need to worry that people will “know my business.” Lastly, if your situation makes you feel a lot of bad emotions and you’ve been telling a friend or family member about it, you might start avoiding that person once you feel better so you don’t have to think about this hard time in your life

Medication alone cannot solve all issues. The only thing that medicines do is treat the symptoms. Our counseling work together is meant to help you figure out what’s really going on, get to the bottom of your behavior, and learn ways to reach your personal and/or relationship goals. Medication can work, and sometimes it’s needed along with therapy.

 Every patients experience with The BGH Clinic begins with an initial assessment. Because each person has different problems and different goals for therapy, after your initial assessment your therapy will be different than everyone else. We make sure that our approach to therapy fits your needs. The length of time it can take for therapy to help you reach your goals depends on how much you want to improve yourself, how committed you are, and what brought you to therapy in the first place.

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